Hello and welcome to skwebconsulting.com!

This is a very basic site.  I spend most of my time maintaining other sites, and programming modifications to the background programs that run the e-commerce, content management systems, help desks, and student management used by my customers.

I have been working with internet based technology and website design since 1998. Over the years I have helped OnLine Training, Inc. and other companies large and small to build and maintain an internet presence.

Of course, as with all contractors and all businesses, we can only do as much as each company allows, and each will have their own philosophies, goals, and needs which will help to shape their website.

Some websites that I have recently worked with are:

  • Blue Springs Enterprises Inc. where I completely revamped their site to emphasize their business, where originally the site did little to support their business goals.
  • Florida Real Estate School which is a site almost completely run through their e-commerce program (Open Cart) which we modified to allow enrollments directly into their online courses and their online courses (link goes to a demo course) using SCORM in an E-Learning program called Moodle.
  • OnLine Training, Inc., where we manage their Moodle installation which holds their online courses. We have installed an online database driven helpdesk, (which allows the tracking and management of service help requests whether they come in by phone, email or through the online app.) We also created and maintain their Enrollment Center, which is a heavily modified version of OpenCart. It takes student registrations and manages authentication and enrollments of their students whether they register directly with OLT (OnLine Training) or one of their many online partners (Colleges which offer OLT courses) or resellers (companies who sell OLT courses) and affiliates (websites which link to OLT products and receive a commission from referred sales).