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St. Johns Lodge

St. Johns Lodge #37 is a Masonic Lodge in Deland Fl. I have created a simple website. Each of the organizations that meet under their roof has a page on their site and the ability to share/post information about their upcoming events and anything of interest to them. is built on WordPress with a calendar, a blog for each of their appendant bodies, and an automatic monthly newsletter to keep their members up to date with posts on the website.

Blue Springs Enterprises Inc.

Blue Springs Enterprises Inc. owns and manages the Camp store, gift shop, and concession stand at Blues Springs state park in Orange City Fl. Before I recreated their website in March of 2017, it was a 7 page website which gave some useful information, but didn’t help to grow their business at all.  Now the business owners can easily log into their site and edit pages, update prices and anything else needed.  While working on their site, I visited multiple times and took photos to showcase their business. You can visit their website at .

Florida Real Estate School

I began working with Perry at Florida Real Estate School in 2015 (he was referred by OLT). Since then I have helped him to create and maintain his Moodle LMS to manage courses for his school and an OpenCart E-Commerce solution to handle his enrollments.

During his last upgrade I worked with Perry extensively to design a custom gallery for his home page.  I also created various back end reports designed to make managing students and handling the reporting requirements of his courses.

OnLine Training, Inc.

In 1998, I began my work with OnLine Training, Inc. by creating an HTML-based website and writing and programing online html based courses. We soon added courses and classes served through the LMS TopClass.

In 2004 I took over the website programming (php, mysql) for OLT and helped OLT transition from TopClass to Moodle.  At the same time I moved to Deland and began offering my services to other companies.

Since then I have worked with OLT to maintain and upgrade their LMS and integrate it with various shopping carts (e-commerce and student registration solutions).

In 2016 I added a database integrated help desk (osTicket) to their website, and other services to provide the best experience for OLT students, instructors, and staff. Since then we have gone through several more upgrade cycles and I now help them maintain over 40 stores with their courses.